Sunday, January 24, 2010

A reminder for next time.

Erin, Please remember this, next time you have a baby. It will get better. The first 7 to 9 weeks are the hardest. The fighting to keep her awake, so she will eat, getting her to learn how to sleep, nursing and having a messy house. It's okay if your house is not in order and you family is not fed home made meals. Give it a few months and life will get back on track. Baby will sleep and the dust bunnies don't hurt anyone!

Both with Carol and Anna I was quick to get life back to normal, because I thought if I didn't do it NOW it wouldn't happen. Well, life is never normal with little ones, but, it gets more manageable. I wish I would have just taken it a little more in stride. But now I have a reminder for next time!
They are so fun! So worth it.... And they will sleep, eventually!

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  1. yeah- it cannot be that bad if you are already talking about having more kids...plural...