Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Carol LOVES being a big sister. She is really good at sharing.
Charity rubs off, you know?! I was raised in a home where my father gave and gave and gave, cars, furniture, food, money and even his time. This rubbed off on me because I say his phrase is in my head quite often. "They need it more than me."

I saw a few things today that reminded me how much of that rubbed off on me, and just how much I want to let that rub off on my girls too.
I gave Carol a few stickers today and she was fast to share them with her little sister.

Then off we went to Wallgreens. I needed a new clip for my hair and some skitles to go along with Carol's new potty. On our drive we saw a verry young mommy pushing a stroller with one hand, and a little boy walking in the other hand. Strapped to her belly was the baby. The oldest couldn't have been more than 3, now THAT is allot of diapers. Talk about having your hands full. So it welled up with in me, SHE needs a double stroller more than I do. BUT>>>> My husband is more prudent than I, that is a VERY good thing. I should check with my husband before giving away our stroller that was so graciously given to us.

We are in a time these days where people are hurting. We have lots of hungry and cold people. Remember, Your Charitable heart rubs off! Hand out a few stickers!


  1. Such a beautiful post! LOVE the pictures. Made me go "aw!"

  2. The third picture went straight to my desktop!