Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My hands

"boy you sure have your hands full!". I heard it at least 4 times at Cost co this morning. I do have my hands full, but I am not so use to hearing that. Maybe its because today is the FIRST time I have taken both of them shopping on my own. It went much better than I anticipated. Carol ate EVERY snack they had out, so she had a really balanced Lunch. =) She was quiet and agreeable the whole time. Anna was in the sling and slept till I tried to eat a piece of Pizza, then she was mad! And She stayed mad until I fed her, 45 min later. (Eat, feed, Change, Sleep, scold..)

I got a bottle of Vodka at cost co. YES it is HUGE, but we have found, it is the best way to do alcohol. Especially now that we are having new guests every week for cocktail hour. So, as Anna Screamed I was quite tempted to open the bottle of Vodka and add it too my smoothie on the way home. AH, a Chocolate Hazelnut and debrief of the day with my beloved, was just as helpful. See him there?

Now Carol has been in her crib 2hrs and 20 min. She is still wide awake. Will I get to shower today?

PS. I usually get my butter at cost co. Shh, Don't tell.


  1. What a good day for you. You do have your hands full and you are awesome. and I pretty regularly wish I could add vodka to whatever I am drinking throughout the day...I don't...but it is really hard to be a mom and stay home and I was not fully prepared for that fact and even a year and a half later I rarely feel like I have had a successful day- so you are awesome.

  2. You are fantastic at this blogging thing !

  3. Hilarious! I am watching you closely to see what I will have to deal with in a few months!

    P.S. I get my butter at Costco too! haha