Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a mess on my shirt

The shirt I have on now, a blue maternity shirt, has spots all over it. Some are from the spaghetti sauce I made last week and forgot to shout it out. Some are from today's lunch, mine, and Anna's. There are a few snot stains from Anna's perpetually runny noes, this week. Lastly, there is a really big one from Vaseline I smothered on Anna's face, cause it is so sore from being wiped all day.
I am a mess, and I am so tired! I am trying to get up early in the morning to have a good walk with my dear friend and neighbor. (in response to the maternity shirt I am still wearing, a year later.) The past few weeks have been rough, and the early mornings are kicking me in the butt. My whole walk I feel like I am walking in a swamp. IT'S HARD THE WHOLE 30 Min.

But right now, I am laughing, so deep in my heart and stomach, it feels good!
I put Carol for a nap, who hasn't slept for her nap in about 2 weeks. 1.5 hours later she is giggling every few min. Every two min. I hear a little giggle. When I finally peeked in her room she was singing and her arms were lifted to the sky, and she was saying "Haloola, Haloola" (ha lay lu ya).
She is a good girl, even when I am a tired mommy and I have to leave the zoo before we saw the zebras.

This is the first time Carol set the table. I gave her some forks and knifes and said, set the table for dinner. She said "mommy, Carol, Daddy".

This is when we set out the pin wheels that aunt Jill gave us. What a great time!

Having babies does a number on your body and emotions. Children seam to have miles more energy than me. But we sure do enjoy each other. And the good news is!!!! Carol loves me, and thinks I am funny and thinks I am a great dancer! EVEN though I am wearing a maternity shirt with weeks worth of spots on them, and haven't showered in days. Today at the Zoo, when we were talking to the ducks and eating a snack Carol said... "Mommy....." - Yes Carol "uboo mommy". (Love you) with a hand on my leg. Come on... you would never say that to me if you were at the zoo with an un-showered, spots on shirt lady. =) She is so gracious!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uncle Ron and Aunt Krista

WEW, I know I am behind. It was Late Auguast when Daves Uncle Ron and his wife Krista came for a little visit. It was wonderful to meet them, and for Dave to reconect with them, it had been several years since they had talked.
We spent a few days visiting and playing with the girls. Uncle Ron gained a new best friend. CAROL! She loved him and asked for him for several days after he left.