Sunday, January 24, 2010

A reminder for next time.

Erin, Please remember this, next time you have a baby. It will get better. The first 7 to 9 weeks are the hardest. The fighting to keep her awake, so she will eat, getting her to learn how to sleep, nursing and having a messy house. It's okay if your house is not in order and you family is not fed home made meals. Give it a few months and life will get back on track. Baby will sleep and the dust bunnies don't hurt anyone!

Both with Carol and Anna I was quick to get life back to normal, because I thought if I didn't do it NOW it wouldn't happen. Well, life is never normal with little ones, but, it gets more manageable. I wish I would have just taken it a little more in stride. But now I have a reminder for next time!
They are so fun! So worth it.... And they will sleep, eventually!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Carol LOVES being a big sister. She is really good at sharing.
Charity rubs off, you know?! I was raised in a home where my father gave and gave and gave, cars, furniture, food, money and even his time. This rubbed off on me because I say his phrase is in my head quite often. "They need it more than me."

I saw a few things today that reminded me how much of that rubbed off on me, and just how much I want to let that rub off on my girls too.
I gave Carol a few stickers today and she was fast to share them with her little sister.

Then off we went to Wallgreens. I needed a new clip for my hair and some skitles to go along with Carol's new potty. On our drive we saw a verry young mommy pushing a stroller with one hand, and a little boy walking in the other hand. Strapped to her belly was the baby. The oldest couldn't have been more than 3, now THAT is allot of diapers. Talk about having your hands full. So it welled up with in me, SHE needs a double stroller more than I do. BUT>>>> My husband is more prudent than I, that is a VERY good thing. I should check with my husband before giving away our stroller that was so graciously given to us.

We are in a time these days where people are hurting. We have lots of hungry and cold people. Remember, Your Charitable heart rubs off! Hand out a few stickers!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home and Garden show

Dave and I went to the Home and Garden show today (Saturday), with the girls. It was a fun activity but I left thinking, "I could use that", "oh I would enjoy bathing much more in a shower like that", "We would eat outside every day on that", And I can imagine myself spending the afternoons with a cup of coffee reading a good book, on that". The truth is, when i am not surrounded by those "Things" i don't often think i need them. I enjoy my chats with my husband quite a bit on the old dirty chairs on our front porch, and my showers are so rushed these days I don't even notice how small it is in there. (Shudders)
I am so blessed to have covers over my windows and food in our bellies. Even a sweet home in a beautiful neighborhood. I don't really care about having a hot tub in the back yard.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Frumpy, stretchy pants!

I had a mommy break down today. I am willing to admit it because I hope I am not the only one out there. Yes, I hid under my covers from my Children, husband, mother and any one else who might try to find me.
Maybe it was the start to my day, feeding, pumping and a meltdown in blanket time. Or it could have been that my toilets are so dirty I think there is a monster growing in them. Also, half my shower floor is BLACK! I haven't gotten to the other half yet. Or it could have been trying to get out of my Jammies. The only clothes that fit me are the frumpy stretchy pants, and those do NOT help me feel good about my self.
So, I put Carol to bed, and let Anna fall asleep next to me, nursing. THEN!!!
I hid under the covers! Don't tell me you have never done it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My hands

"boy you sure have your hands full!". I heard it at least 4 times at Cost co this morning. I do have my hands full, but I am not so use to hearing that. Maybe its because today is the FIRST time I have taken both of them shopping on my own. It went much better than I anticipated. Carol ate EVERY snack they had out, so she had a really balanced Lunch. =) She was quiet and agreeable the whole time. Anna was in the sling and slept till I tried to eat a piece of Pizza, then she was mad! And She stayed mad until I fed her, 45 min later. (Eat, feed, Change, Sleep, scold..)

I got a bottle of Vodka at cost co. YES it is HUGE, but we have found, it is the best way to do alcohol. Especially now that we are having new guests every week for cocktail hour. So, as Anna Screamed I was quite tempted to open the bottle of Vodka and add it too my smoothie on the way home. AH, a Chocolate Hazelnut and debrief of the day with my beloved, was just as helpful. See him there?

Now Carol has been in her crib 2hrs and 20 min. She is still wide awake. Will I get to shower today?

PS. I usually get my butter at cost co. Shh, Don't tell.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Learning how to blog.

The butter is not yet churned, BUT! It's amazing! I let Carol run today. I didn't keep her to her normal schedule, but on her own she played in her room for hours. So that was a blessing, and I got real focused, I would almost call it nesting.

I have not chosen a pattern for the cloths I will start sending my husband to work in, YET.
Instead, the new linen cabinet is organized and full. The ONLY other cabinet in my house is organized and clean. And I have used all my extra space in the guest bathroom, and I started chipping away at the "Cracker Corner" in my kitchen. I am really quite surprised with myself. I even had enough time to teach Carol what the window seat is for.
I have a pic of it, but cant seam to blog it. ??! Okay... Now its there but how do I write in between?
She is the perfect mother of 3 or 8 or 12, and one, or two are still on the boob.
Maybe this is you. You make soup and bread from scratch. You sew your own cloths, milk your own cow, run a thriving business out of your home all wail changing diapers, home schooling and keeping your house in total order. And you bless you husband by cooking and looking hot (because you ran 7 miles at 3 this morning) when he comes home from work. You probably churn your own damn butter.

I just can't keep up. I feel lucky if the kids have clean diapers and my teeth are brushed by 6 at night. It is an especially good day when I can drink my coffee when it is still hot.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If I had a blog it would be called...

"I don't actually WRITE A BLOG i only read them. I just don't have any thing fun to write. It would look like this (Feed, change, eat, change, feed, tired, clean, boogers, Poo!)" -Erin
Ahhh... but now you do have a blog!