Monday, October 22, 2012

I had a great plan.

I thought today would be a great day to start blogging again.  But now I am covered in tears (my own), sweat (my own), and Pooh (not my own).  And I am re thinking it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some one loves me!

I feel so loved. My girls looked at me with love in there eyes. They giggled with me and kissed me. But I have never seen love in someone’s eyes like I do baby David Emmanuel. He melts my heart with one look. When I kiss him all over his sweet face, he tries to eat my kisses! He LOVES to look at me! When I walk in the room he won’t take his eyes off me, and when he hears my voice he starts looking for me. Having a boy is so much fun. I think he might even love me more than his Daddy. I guess it’s a different kind of love. A mommy’s job is hard, and we need all these kinds of love. My heart is as full as it has ever been.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Because it’s 2:57pm and I have to be in the shower at 3, so I can nurse, get the kids packed, get snacks packed for class tonight, and out the door in 2 hours…. I decided to pick up and write a blog. Actually I was reading another mom’s blog about nurturing your child’s talents. Gosh, I could be a great mom if I read all the books I should, and follow all the rules I should. BUT!!! To hear that my childless friend does not get scared of having children after spending a whole day with mine, gives me hope.

Carol came home from Ballet today with a wonderful report from her teacher, Miss Mirabel. Miss Mirabel is a great teacher! She is great with the kids and a good dancer too! She is older, and that must be why she is so good. She has been praising Carol since class started, but today she said that Carol really has talent and we should consider getting her into AZ Ballet. WOW, I do not want to squander this gift of hers, but the second I hear that, my mind races to 3 years from now. I can see it….. If we can afford to have Carol in professional Dance classes and we are taking her every night, what happens to Anna and David? Do we get them in to classes too? Can you see it? Carol to Dance at 4 and Anna at Swim team at 4:15 and David to t ball at 4:30 . Pick Anna up at 5:30 and David at……………….. And the baby is screaming. I really have a wonderful life! I am so blessed….. I am also tired, and smelly. Think Ill get to take that shower?. I LOVE BEING MOMMY!