Friday, April 30, 2010

Having a rough day

I feel like I often blog on the day's like today... Sorry.
I am kind of having a rough day. I don't really feel good and I am real tired.
So I have been kind of crabby and have had to try real hard not to let my girls get hurt by it.
BUT>>> in the midst of my crabbiness I was making Lunch. Carol was on her blanket time and Anna was being entertained by her.
I walked around the corner, to be sure all was well. and This is what I found.
A very happy Anna. And I bust out laughing.

OH, the grace I have been given, to make it to nap time. =)


  1. I always blog on rough days too. It is a great way to let out your frustration and emotions without being a headline on the nightly news...

    You seem like you have way more good days than bad and I think you are the BEST mommy!!