Friday, April 16, 2010

Got Milk?

If I had pictures for this blog it would be of Anna screaming. It started about a month ago. She got real crabby for most of her awake time. She would smile and laugh some times, but you had to work real hard to get one. Then she started pulling at her ears. All the time! She would be in the middle of nursing and pull off screaming and pulling her ears. She had bloody scabs on the back of her head and all on her ears from grabbing them over and over. First I chalked it up to her teeth. Then I thought it was her ears. FINALLY after Dave telling me for a week or so, to "Just take her to the Dr. What have we got to loose?"

So, Tuesday, I started with our Chiropractor, Dr. Mioni. He looked in her ears, to find one just a little red, but no big deal. She got and adjustment and we picked up some baby pro biotic. Then we went to the medical Dr. (Dr. Curran, the best Dr I could ask for) He was totally chill and said how beautiful and healthy she looked. Except for one little thing. She looks really thin. The saggy rolls on her legs and arms are suppose to be full. She has only gained 2 OZ in the past 3 mo, and she has gone from the 90% to the 5th%. He said i should pump, to see how much she is getting and supplement the rest with formula. She should get 6-8 OZ a feeding. I expected to pump 4 oz at the LEAST! I had only 2. =(

The first bottle took about 20min for her to finally latch on and start drinking, but i couldn't force more than 3 OZ in her. The next took about 5 min. And now, after two days, she is still angry, but accepts her fate quickly. I would still be struggling with the idea of formula, except I have my baby back. She is the little happy one she should be. Now she smiles and laughs at the drop of a pin. She is talking and playing much more, it is such a blessing to know she is not suffering any more.

The past few days I have been nursing, then bottle feeding. I have been using Fenugreek and mothers milk tea. I have upped the water and done my best to rest. Anna is still only nursing about 7 min total, before she pulls off angry. I check and I still have milk left, but she just wont eat. She wouldn't eat the bottle either, if i didn't hold her hands and face to force her to eat. After much prayer, i have decided to give up the nursing. I will continue to nurse until i am totally dry, but Dave and I decided yesterday that it is better to have a healthy mommy than her unhealthy milk. If I keep nursing it will mean pumping and supplements all day every day. As if I didn't have a toddler to chase. Now that I have made the decision i feel good about it. But it took allot of prayer and tears.

I am greatful for all of your encouragement, I am blessed to have such wonderful friends!
On the Lighter note.... I decided to go run with a girlfriend this morning. BAD IDEA!~ I have been up since 3 in pain from my decision. carrying gallon jugs and running don't go together!

AND NOW>>>> The Happy Baby!


  1. Anna is beautiful! You are such a wonderful mom for praying and making the right decision for your baby, you, and your family :) Your love for them is beaming through their smiles! God bless and take care!

  2. Making decisions are so freeing no matter how difficult they are. You are doing a great job and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! xoxo, JD