Monday, March 22, 2010

Poopie Pants Expert

Anna is a Poopie pants expert! That is why it has been so long since blogging..... Okay not a good reason? I suppose that's right. Any way, the day worth blogging about happened about 3 weeks ago, but NOW it is a regular occurrence, but still worth blogging about.

It was the Thursday before my husband took me to Sedona. I DESPERATELY needed a weekend away. I mean, I was falling into a black hole.
ALSO... Bible study day. I have study in the morning from 9:30-11 and again in the evening from 6-10ish. I am not doing this to get extra holy or any thing, although it is proving to be kind of a purgatory. Suffering is building my character, I hope, any way.
After morning group I went to target to get a bathing suit. (Because since having Anna I have not lost any Lbs. It seams like I would have lost at least 8 at the hospital when she was born. I guess I gained the all back eating hospital turkey sandwiches.) (Okay, it's not QUITE that bad, but almost. I am really flabby!) Shopping for a suit is TOTALLY DEPRESSING, emotional and exhausting. I wanted to take Carol alone, to spend some special time with her before leaving her for the weekend. BUT, Anna didn't have a sitter. SO, we all loaded up in the red basket, with Popcorn and a drink to make it special. Having a wonderful time, JUST then... We arrived at the bathing suit section and Anna started to whimper. I hurried things along, knowing I wouldn't have long. The red basket fit's in the family fitting room, thankfully! I got down to the bear essentials, tried on suits..... By the time I was almost in tears but, moderately happy with a suit both girls were crying. I let Carol out, who now smelled like POOH! She wanted to sit on the fitting room bench, so she took off all the cloths I was working with, including my own cloths, and stored them UNDER the basket. Mean while, ANNA is screaming So LOUD for about 5 min now. I hunt for my cloths, under the basket, and get dressed. When I take Anna out of her car seat to put her in the sling she is covered in BRIGHT ORANGE STICKY GOO! So I decide she will last to the car, or bath room if I put her in the sling. In the sling she goes. I clean up the room, pick out my cloths and start to head out.... Anna is still screaming, carol Smells so Bad like Pooh, but I can't even smell her cause I have Anna strapped to me...
She is FREAKING OUT! I unload and undress her, right there in the changing room. At this point I had been in that little room at least 30 min. On the bench, I clean up Anna who has Pooh in her ears and on her elbows. But Carol is MAD, because she had worked so hard to get to climb on the bench. With pooh EVERY where, Carol is trying to climb on the bench and sit. I now have sweat on my brow, so stressed out. Finally Anna is clean and happy, but I have no extra cloths. So she is in the sling in only a diaper. We exit the changing room to finish my shopping.
I called Dave to tell him about this experience, and Carol Started saying Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh... FINALLY when I listen, I see she has spilled fruit punch all down the front of her, and it is dripping on the floor.

Needless to say the Target employees helped me get out of there as fast as possible.
I was ready for my weekend away..... Only for it to start all over, only the next time was at our fancy dinner, in front of tuna Tartar and a glass of wine.

The Lesson: If Anna didn't Pooh Yesterday, STAY HOME and ALWAYS bring a change of cloths, or two.


  1. Oh my goodness! God bless mothers, especially you. It's amazing to me that babies can projectile poo!! Your story made me laugh and have emathy for you at the same time. I'm sure you're doing a magnificent job. All mom's need some serious awards for bravery when they go through this stuff. :) - Julie Wennerstrom

  2. Oh my gosh Erin!!! So bad! Are you trying to scare me before I even have my 2nd kid?? ha! Seriously - I got stressed just reading this because I can totally relate to moments like that.