Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Carol is Growing

There are so many wonderful things about being a mother who gets to stay home to raise her children. Among the many are; giving your self as a gift to them. Your time, energy, your nourishment (nursing)and even the gift of life.

Today I want to talk about being able to watch them grow, each day. It isn't until I look back on pictures that I see how much my little Care Bear has grown. She is so wonderful, and quite the entertainer. She is teaching her sister to read, by force. She is getting really good at giving kisses, even with the sound. And what a wonderful sleeper. Carol is really good at sharing, especially with her little sister. She also entertains herself quite well. For this, I am so grateful! One last thing, and this is Especially for Carrie Bobb. She DANCES!

(Eventually this will have some video, but I am still learning how to do that.)

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