Saturday, February 6, 2010


Recently some friends were over visiting and we busted out the "Honeymoon" scrap book. Graciously they let us talk and talk all about our stories, it was really fun to think and laugh about our first month together. Today I FINALLY took the ONLY pictures we have from that trip, off the camera. See we broke our Camera the first day in Mexico. TRAGIC! But Dave kept a journal of our trip and really, I think it captured our adventure far better than a picture would have.

In Sedona we spent two nights in a little casita on the mountain. We spent the days sleeping, and sipping on coffee, reading books.

We had wonderful food and Wine,

and enjoyed beautiful views.

The ride home in the Jeep was HOT!~

The next day we left for Mexico, stopping in Yuma at our Favorite burrito place, MR. G's.

Our first nights stop we stayed in a little dump with beds and clean water.

Then out on the town. THIS is where we broke our camera.

The memories will last forever!

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