Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy box

I made a "busy box" (from the busy todler book) this week. It is especially for the car. I have been running in to allot of whining in the car the past week or so. Carol needs something to keep her hands busy. I love to take advantage of her sitting quietly and looking out the window.
I strive for thoes moments, but in the case that she is not up for window watching I want to be prepared. See Whining whears me out. If I am going to be a good mommy and not get warn out on the little every day things, I Must plan ahead. And so... I give you the busy box!

It is full of books, small toys, snacks and one of Carol's favorite blankets. I situated it right under the Center Constole within my reach, and out of her sight. If she saw it she would ask and ask for all the toys. This way I can supprise her.

Now my hope is I can catch Carol right before her breaking point. She can sit quietly as long as she can, but then I have to recognize the sighn. She If I wait until she starts whining and THEN give her a toy, I have rewarded her bad behavoir. The more I pay attention the easier it is to catch her BEFORE she is at that point.

The busy box is already working! Thank God for great ideas!

PS. There are also baby whipes in the busy box. When do you NOT need a baby whipe? Even if you are a grown up with no kids. Baby whipes clean up ANY MESS. Coffee on your jeans? Dirty hands after pumping gas, that black muck on your cute pants when you get in the car! YES Baby whips can almost do any thing. I would say to any one, you need to keep baby whipes in the car.


  1. Very brilliant idea! I am going to make several of those for the different areas of mommy life when a happy toddler is needed.

    AND i totally agree that baby wipes are the miracle cure all. Even when I worked retail...we always had baby wipes on hand to remove stains, deodorant marks when people tried on clothes...you name it! It works!!!

  2. Sarah,
    I just got "The Toddler's Busy Book" this weekend. I was thrilled to get it, it's been on my list for a while. Trish Kuffner mentions several "Boxes" like this. "Baker's box, in the kitchen for a little helper.
    A Busy box for the kitchen, cause that is the hardest time of day, when you are cooking dinner and a little one is DEMANDING you. =) Some things he can do on the floor near you when you cook.
    A Tickle Trunk, for dress up.
    A Rainy Day Box, with a favorite cookie recipe , cookie cutters, art supplies and inside games.
    A Job Jar.
    A Take along Bag for going out to lunch with friends and Dr. Appts and such.
    And a Crazy Can to put ideas of on the spot fun things to do. So when you run out of really great ideas and little guy needs special time, you have ideas already written out.

    Anyway... Its a great book!